Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Benistar as the Trusted Leader in the Installation, Administration and Design of Post-65 Group Retiree Medical Benefits


Benistar is a recognized leader in the installation, supervision and planning of the medical settlement for post-65 group retirees. They are actually focused to controlling the prescription plans. They also focus on the medical drug plans for the retirees. A part of their mission is engaging with counselors and brokers. This way, they can offer prescription drug and medical solutions for unions and businesses nationwide. These businesses comprise privately-held and publicly-instituted businesses, labor unions, county and city government entities and educational groups. 

Added to these companies are religious organizations and educational organizations that demand prescription drug and medical solutions.Benistar is continuously providing retirement and health plans on many group retirees for four-hundred plan sponsors in the entire United States. It is their objective to direct $100 million in the premiums. This is being done on annual basis. The cost-effective and creative retiree benefits solutions are being presented. This is done in meeting the demands of the individual sponsors. 

Along the existence of consulting professionals, their goal is on the prescription drug and medical policies for post-65retirees. They are engaging with people to identify the current retiree policy and find out the best strategy to enhancing it. With their customer service representatives, they make the experience smooth for both members and plan sponsors. 

From the process of implementation, they make it easy for the members. The sponsors are guided on drafting their announcement letter to the retirees. They supervise the enrollment process with CMS and carriers. They resolve the issues that may come out.The present plan members are being introduced to the new plan without using enrollment forms. They give statement to the plan members, sponsors and both. Retirees can be happy with Customer Service that helps members in solving and completing problems. Benistar is focused to prescription and medical policies. 

They have the know-how of answering queries and fixing problems that are related to the Medicare background. They stay there to answer phone calls for the retirees and assist them until their issues are fixed. EGWP prescription drug plans are designed for groups under the Medicare Part D. Their partners are contracting with centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that serve as the plan sponsors. The medical solutions for group retirees feature guaranteed issues without exclusions for existing conditions. The insured programs are totally presented. These cover the health liabilities of retiree members.

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